• Spring Forward with Beautiful White Teeth

    You’ll be amazed at how much more confident you’ll feel about your smile with professional teeth whitening. WARNING: Side effects may including smiling at everyone you see!

    Spring Forward with Beautiful White Teeth
  • Big Smiles Make for Happy Families!

    Great dental care is essential for adults and kids alike. At Smith Dental Care we specialize in whole family dentistry. Gone are the days of needing a pediatric dentist too.

    Big Smiles Make for Happy Families!
  • Dental Implants — You Deserve the Best!

    You don’t have to live with missing teeth. Our professional dental implant services can give you the smile and confidence you deserve.

    Dental Implants — You Deserve the Best!
  • Everyone Wants a Perfect Smile

    Just not happy with certain aspects of your smile. You’ll be amazed to find out how advanced cosmetic dentistry procedures can give you the smile you’ve always wanted, and the confidence you never knew you could have.

    Everyone Wants a Perfect Smile
  • Feel At Home With US

    You want a dentist you can trust and rely on for the care of your teeth. We strive to treat all of our patients like family.

    Feel At Home With US

Your Trusted Dentist is Sandy and Draper Utah

We love to see you smile at Smith Dental Care. In Sandy dentist Dr. Joshua Smith and his excellent cosmetic dental team wish for each patient to have their chance at a remarkable smile makeover, leaving our clinic smiling and happy with their gorgeous new look!

What makes your Draper Dentist special from others

Smith Dental Care is that unique dental clinic where you can walk in with a cosmetic complaint and walk out on the same day with a completely new smile!

Our Sandy dentist, Dr. Josh Smith, has ensured that his clinic holds state of the art CAD-CAM technology, allowing CEREC crowns and veneers to be fabricated and delivered on the very same day during the very same visit.

Patients at Smith Dental Care are ecstatic with their sudden transitions, from being conscious about their smiles to grinning at everyone, all the time! Our patients’ new smiles are why more and more people keep coming to us, allowing us to change lives every day!

Cosmetic Dental Treatments

Your Sandy dentist, Dr. Smith has made his dental facilities unique with same-day crowns and veneers. Here’s a little more detail:


Crowns are like caps on teeth that need to be reinforced due to compromised tooth structure. A crown is needed after root canal treatment, trauma, significant tooth discoloration and tooth structure deficits.

Crowns are usually made of porcelain or ceramic on a metal base, which tends to compromise both tooth structure during preparation for the crown and esthetics. The metal “halo” formed at the edge of gums is what many patients seek to replace when they come to see our Sandy dentist for cosmetic improvement of their old crowns.

After cutting the tooth, a temporary crown must be placed while the final crown is made at a dental laboratory. This can be inconvenient for many patients, having to visit twice or thrice and can also add the risk of the temporary crown dislodging between visits.

In Draper dentist Dr. Smith has ensured that every patient gets to benefit from the unique CEREC technology, allowing all-porcelain esthetic crowns to be made within two hours! Here’s why CEREC at Smith Dental Care by your Sandy dentist is good for you:

  • A new crown on the same day
  • Less tooth preparation required- ¾ crown preparation can be done too
  • Lesser sensitivity felt on prepared tooth
  • Lesser chair-time required
  • No second visit needed
  • No need for temporary crowns
  • No metal based crowns
  • Purely porcelain, natural looking crowns through CAD-CAM technology, giving superior esthetic results!


To hide all visible flaws in your teeth, veneers are another great alternative provided by your Draper dentist Dr. Joshua Smith to enhance your smile dramatically!

Veneers are tooth-like shells bonded on to the front surfaces of teeth, allowing you to permanently change the shape, size, color and length of your teeth, completely customized to your choice! They require minimal tooth removal and are extremely natural looking, making your smile look more beautiful than ever before.

Contact your Sandy dentist Dr. Josh Smith for a consultation to improve your smile on the same day, today!